Flu shot locator tool

Overview: The flu shot locator experience on uhc.com has remained the same for a long time. There were significant issues with unreliable data leading to inaccurate results (ie. results showing photo centers, recently closed locations and locations that havent opened yet. There was also limited functionality with multiple fields being required and no filtering capabilities.​

So what? Created a mobile-first experience focused on:​
• Simpler experience – Enter ZIP only, instead of ZIP + specific retailer​
• Improved data – data from OptumRx instead of Google Maps (which was not always accurate)​
• Improved design – interactive map, numbered locations, filter results by retailers, view retailer distance from ZIP code, and multiple view options.​

Audiences impacted: Members across all LOBS looking to utilize their health benefits.​

Measurement KPIs: Increased interactions with tool and TFN engagements​

What’s next?  Continued monitoring and improvement; including adding ability to adjust the search radius.